Blog: TransCanada uses the latest proven technology to detect leaks

Jun 22, 2013 9:15 AM ET

A recent headline  the news  suggested TransCanada may not be employing the latest, proven technologies available in the construction and operation of our new oil pipelines, Keystone XL and the Gulf Coast Pipeline. This is certainly not the case.

All technologies that can enhance the safety of our pipelines are given thorough consideration and certain technologies – such as infrared and fiber optic cable systems – may not be feasible to adopt at a particular point in time because they have not been fully proven in a broad operating application such as Keystone.

Learn more about the industry-leading design, construction, maintenance, operating and technological features that are being incorporated into Keystone XL and the Gulf Coast Pipelines by reading this blog posting by TransCanada's Vice-President of pipeline safety and compliance Vern Meier.