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Green Mountain Power Creates B Corp Energy

(3BL Media/Justmeans ) - Environmental advocates: They are leaders in solar, wind and hydroelectric energies with 62 percent of their portfolio in renewables. Empowered employees: They were named one of the “Best Places to Work in Vermont.” Approachable leadership: Their CEO knows the names, partners’ names and pets’ names of 600+ employees.

Smokeless Biofuel Saves Lives in Africa

(3BL Media and Just Means) - When I make dinner tonight, I’ll walk over to my stove, turn a few knobs and be eating in twenty minutes or less. Easy, clean, safe and cheap. However, those four adjectives do not describe the way most people, women and children in particular, in developing nations experience cooking.

Getting Off the Grid: IKEA Leads the Way in Wind Energy

(3BL Media and Just Means)-The Windy City is about to get windier. And hopefully, less reliant on fossil fuels.  IKEA recently announced their purchase of Hoopeston Wind, a wind farm of 49 wind turbines near Hoopeston in Vermilion County, two hours south of Chicago.  The purchase is the first wind power investment IKEA has made in the USA and their largest renewable energy project ever.

Coca Cola is the David that the Slingshot Needs.

"The Slingshot is the little tool that David needs to defeat Goliath"—Dean Kamen.

Florida’s Untapped Solar Power

(3BL Media/Just Means) I've spent the summer living in historic St. Augustine, Florida. The surf is great, the people are friendly and the sun shines brightly every single day. The sun is powerful here, powerful enough it seems to produce enough solar energy for most of the nation.

NJ Governor Christie Lets Exxon-Mobil Off the Hook for Refinery Spills

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - I grew up in New Jersey in the 1950’s. I remember riding down the turnpike with my parents and getting hit with a godawful smell, as we passed Newark. What is that? I was told that it was the pig farms in Secaucus. This I continued to believe until much later in life when I learned that the pig farms were long gone by the time I was born. What I smelled was the refinery.

Originally built in 1909 on 1,300 acres of land purchased by John D. Rockefeller, the Bayway refinery has consistently ranked among the worst polluters in the nation. The nature of the site’s contamination is summarized in the summary from EPA.

“Spills, releases from sewer lines, leaking pipes from underground tanks, discharges to surface water and the disposal of contaminated waste in an on-site landfill have resulted in the contamination of the Exxon site with petroleum products. Two lagoon areas that had been used for the disposal of hazardous waste are also sources of soil and groundwater contamination at the site. The soil contamination caused by the sources listed above is consistent with the contamination sometimes found at other petroleum refineries, and includes metals and chemicals associated with petroleum such as the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) benzene and chlorobenzene. The groundwater that lies beneath the facility is also contaminated with benzene and chlorobenzene among other VOCs, and with arsenic.”

Among those spills was a cracked pipe in 1990 that discharged 567,000 gallons of fuel oil into Arthur Kill for which they paid an $11 million fine, after first lying about its actions. Altogether, there has accumulated some seven million gallons of oil, forming a layer no less than seven feet thick in the surrounding waters.

The state initiated a lawsuit against Exxon (who has subsequently sold the site to Conoco-Phillips but retains responsibility) in 2004, seeking $8.9 billion in damages. The matter finally went to trial last year. Exxon was found culpable, leaving only the question of how much the company would pay remaining.

Apple Announces $2 Billion Investment for Green Data Centers in Europe

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Data centers have emerged as one of the largest and fastest growing consumers of electricity in the U.S., according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. In 2013, data centers located in the U.S. consumed 91 billion KWH of electricity, which was enough to power all the households in New York City twice over. Over the next five years, the annual consumption of electricity by the U.S. data centers is estimated to reach 140 billion KWH.

Utilities Move Into EV Charging Game

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Building out an electric vehicle infrastructure is a bit like building an arch. You need both sides, the vehicles and the charging stations, to be there at the same time, to support each other, to keep the whole thing from falling down. It’s been a little slow taking off. Perhaps partly because it’s not clear who is taking the lead.


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