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Job Hunting Tips for your New Years Resolutions - Proactive Search

Three proactive job hunting tips that will increase your competitiveness in 2011

Job Hunting Tips for your New Years Resolutions - Reactive Search

Job hunting tips to increase your chances to convert your applications into interviews

Streamline Higher Education Costs

When we think about responsible careers in education, we may think of teaching opportunities, fellowships, and volunteer opportunities. We think of career paths that enable us to empower the next generation of leaders. Teaching is tough work, and what keeps educators going is the motivation to do good work. For this reason, the field of education relies on people.

Responsible Advertising for Responsible Business

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) exists to protect consumers and to promote responsible business. In the Internet industry, the FTC has taken action against false advertising. On December 22, 2010, the FTC announced a suit against a major Internet enterprise that was scamming consumers--out of millions-- for products that they never ordered.

Social Media: Make it More Responsible

In the past, corporate public relations have been very one-sided. You could read about a person or company in a press release, newspaper, or magazine, but until the days of web 2.0, it was very difficult for the public to reach out, converse, and respond. Yes, you could send an email or letter, but for the most part, the majority of responses remained behind closed doors.

Millennials & Business: Are We Agents of Change?

Many people believe that today's young professionals will be agents of social change, especially with the emerging foundations for CSR and social entrepreneurship. But is it true? Are the professionals of Generation Y substantially different from previous generations?

Responsible Careers: Beyond the Idea of "Charity"

Recently, Forbes released its list of the top-200 United States - based charities. On this list are the Academy for Educational Development, the American Cancer Society, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the American Heart Association.

Mozilla's CSR Vision Inspires Free Courses

Career responsibility means more than just social entrepreneurship and commitment to a cause. The concept also applies to individual career growth. A job can challenge you and teach you new skills, but it's also important to push yourself beyond status-quo work. Do you feel like you're continuously learning? Have you been able to take a class since you were in school?

Responsible Non-Teaching Career Choices in Education

An update on the responsible career choices available for those interested in careers in education Leverages CSR & Social Media for the Student Job Hunt

A year and a half ago, when I was an undergraduate, I knew of two ways to find a summer internship: networking and on-campus recruiting. As a result of the resources that I was lucky enough to have, I had some amazing experiences: I worked with the California prison system, assisted published business reports, and even started a free health center in a New Delhi slum. I shifted between the non-profit sector and business world, and by the time that I graduated, I had developed a strong understanding of my values, preferences, and strengths.


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