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Get Organized for your job search

Time; our most precious quality. Being organized for your job search and career change is crucial to reducing the stress associated with change.

Career Choices After 40

As a women enters her 40’s life opens up in new ways and directions. The career choices are exciting and expansive based on the ability of the person to see and take action. It can be important to springboard from where you are to a new potential careers direction. As your life expands so do your options.

Obama’s Career Plan

Is President Obama of the United States of America on track for pulling America out of the economic slump caused by unemployment? Where is our focus and can we count on for helping us develop positive strategies for finding work and getting back on our feet?

Do your Research Provides Job Opportunities

It’s important as we move into 2010 to do research to find out trends that relate for your job opportunities. I’ll summarizes and discuss the trends that US News is exploring from their Labor Department research.

You Are the You in Leadership!

How do you express and identify with your inner leader? Are you leading with the power of your strengths and vision? As we enter a new year it’s important to look around and explore areas to improve and lead from. Your life is what makes a difference, if not you then who?

Being Your Own Business Owner

A worthwhile and powerful choice in this career market may involve being your own boss. In exploring what is necessary to be a business owner requires investigation, willingness and courage. Finding a career is about receiving advice, being in action and seeing you as a leader.

The Quiet Leader-How to Be One

Might doesn’t make right. Being clear in your convictions and acting on them generates results. As a leader allowing silence to operate within and through you as a leader allows you to engage with people and support others in collaborating with you and generating results that serve the organization.

Bringing Your Master Passions to Work

Being passionate and dedicated brings you many opportunities of success and results. Being a professional involves bringing your whole self to the work day and identifying your best assets and strengths. Learn the master passions in the workplace.

Hot Tips for Thriving During the Holiday Season (4 of 4 parts)

Holiday times are historically one of the most stressful times of the year for people. What compounds that is when you are unemployed, un-satisfied in your careers or feeling down about your financial situation. In this three-part blog I am going to share my specific tips and ideas for this holiday time.

Hot Tips for Thriving During the Holiday Season (3 of 4 parts)

How is it coming along taking care of yourself and including others?


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