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The Super Terrible Social Enterprise

The Pittsburgh Steelers aren't the only winners of the Super Bowl.  As the New York Times explains, the Allegheny Valley School for people with severe developmental disabilities stands to gain a serious windfall from the Steelers' victory.

A Couple of Good New Books on Social Enterprise

As a professor of social entrepreneurship, I've long been on the lookout for books that could provide students with a concise but substantive introduction to the subject.

National Geographic Launches Global Music Label

While social enterprise is typically described as a revolutionary youth movement, some of the most interesting social business strategy is emerging from so-called traditional charities.

How Sustainability Can Lead to New Business Opportunities

Sun Microsystems has provided an interesting model of how a company can use its eco-friendly cost-cutting measures to generate new business.

Selling, new style

<p>A new year and a new president. Change is in the air. And as <a title="2020 Corporation" href="" target="_blank">lots of people</a> are saying, now is also the time for a new type of business.</p>
<p>A new type of business needs a new type of purpose. Sustainability is one.</p>

What to Look for in Certification

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Social Enterprise Update: The First "Social Silicon Valley"

<p>Recently, another blogger at Just Means wrote a piece proposing pillars of a new <a href="allthings/393/The-Inspired-Economy.html">Inspired Economy</a> for the future.&nbsp; It's a great piece, throwing some light on dark economic times.</p>

Year In Review

<p>I watched Sky News&rsquo; Year in Review last night. The week between Christmas and New Years is always a time of reflection for me, I tend not to be working at full tilt, and this means lots of fresh air and lots of thinking. What did I get done? What was I happy with? What went unfinished and why? What succeeded, what failed?


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