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Like, Friend, Share: How Social Media Changes Our Language

Since you've started using social media, have words like "friend" changed their meaning?

New Contest Launched for Best Oil Spill Solution

InnoCentive launches new contest -- without prize money -- to find better ways to clean up the Gulf Coast oil spill

Social Media for Social Good, Part Four: Facebook

In the continuing series that examines how social media is being utilized for social good, this post explores Facebook

Nonprofit Uses Social Media to Track Oil Spill Fallout

The nonprofit Louisiana Bucket Brigade is crowdsourcing eyewitness reports of the oil spill to speed aid to victims

Social Media: Watching and Sharing as the Oil Spill Spreads

How can social media help us develop awareness and maintain vigilance about disasters like the BP oil spill?

Social Media for Social Good, Part Three: The World Malaria Day Campaign

How has social media been used to help spread awareness about campaigns to end malaria?

New social media trend: micro-multinationals

In the race to woo top talent, more startups are using the Web to crowdsource small global teams to speed innovation

Social Media, Mapping, and Real-Time Response

Earlier this week, Google released high resolution satellite images from the area surrounding the recent Chinese earthquake. The files can be examined online or imported into their Google Earth mapping tool. The 6.9 magnitude earthquake which hit near Qinghai, China killed hundreds, injured thousands, and destroyed many buildings.


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