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Social Media for Social Good, Part Two: Blogs

Last week, I started my series on "Social Media for Social Good," in which I plan to look at the ways in which social media can be an incredible tool when harnessed for social good. As I argued in my first post, the networks created by social media can provide a powerful means to share facts, share stories, build coalitions, and engage people.

Social Enterprise: "More difficult than sometimes made out"

Q&A with Scottish environmentalist Alastair McIntosh on the challenges facing the social enterprise movement

Three Ways Social Media are Changing Activism

Two social media panels at the Skoll World Forum outline the changing power of networks for good

Social Media for Social Good, Part One: Twitter

Social media can be an incredible tool when harnessed for social good. This post examines how Twitter has been used.

Video Games for Social Good

There are many stereotypes about people who play video games, and arguably few of them are positive.  According to these stereotypes, those who play video games are young males, they are socially isolated and drawn to games that promote violence.

3 Ways For Job Openings To Find You Through Social Media

Recruiters increasingly use social media to identify candidates for their job openings, how competitive are you online?

Scrutinize health care tips that come via “Tweets”

Researchers say friends pass along bad health care info – and unwise offers of prescription sharing – via Twitter.

Social Gaming: An Antidote to 'Slacktivism'?

New type of online fund-raising model combines social media to tap bigger funds for social innovation

Location-Based Networks and Location-Based Marketing

Location-based social networks are a new trend in social media. How can businesses use these to increase engagement?

Ethical Consumption and "Needing" the Latest Gadgets

How do we reconcile our desires for sustainable living and our desires for the latest technology tools?


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