Collaborative Action to Combat COVID-19

By David Yee, Associate, CEO Engagement, CECP
Mar 20, 2020 1:00 PM ET

In CECP’s 2020 Look Ahead blog, our annual examination the corporate social engagement field, Collaborative Action was one of five themes for the upcoming year. CECP noted that in seeking to address time-sensitive global issues, companies will move quickly together for mutual benefit. The fast-moving global COVID-19 pandemic was far from our minds when drafting the article, but as we have seen in the past two weeks, companies are responding quickly and focused on ensuring their key stakeholders – particularly their employees – are safe.

Last week, CECP conducted a Pulse Survey asking our companies, “Has your team taken action related to COVID-19? We know companies have added and/or changed strategies for employees, supply chain partners, and customers, but what are companies doing within their local and global communities? We also know companies are enacting their disaster relief strategies (e.g., donations of cash and product). If your team is acting, does it include that and/or other actions?”

These results indicate that most companies have enacted both their disaster relief strategy AND have taken other action outside that strategy.

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