Deepen Your Understanding of Employee Expectations for Leadership Today

Aug 20, 2020 12:05 PM ET

As we continue our Porter Novelli Purpose Tracker series, one thing has continued to be confirmed through our research: employees must be an essential stakeholder – not only during the current crisis, but always.

The COVID-19 pandemic and continued social unrest have made it clear that now, more than ever, companies must not only protect the health and safety of employees – but allow them to thrive while at work and in their homes.

In a world where one voice can become a movement, employees have become more empowered to share their perspectives on their employers. Employees look to be an active part in their company’s Purpose journey, but will just as quickly call-out employers they think are going against their values.

In wave ten of the Porter Novelli Tracker: Employee Perspectives on Responsible Leadership During Crisis, we’ll unpack employee perspectives on the topics of the day – including COVID-19, social justice and racial inequality – as well as how Purpose-driven companies can better engage employees through shared values.