Ecocentricity Blog: A Vision of Our Economic Future

Jan 31, 2017 1:00 PM ET

What if every single person instinctively took ethical values into account every time they bought a banana, bottle of wine, cell phone or house?


Turkey on Thanksgiving. Chocolate on Valentine’s Day. No white clothes after Labor Day. Cake on your birthday. Shouts of “mazel tov” at Jewish weddings. Black at funerals. Blue for boys and pink for girls. Bowties and long dresses at formal affairs. A diamond on her left hand as she joyfully answers, “Yes!”

All of them are traditions and societal norms (at least in America). Not a single one is legislated or mandated in any way, yet each one governs human behavior. Non-conformity is rare. If we had to explain or justify these customs, we would probably struggle before stammering some version of, “Because that’s just how it is.”

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