JetBlue Streamlines Charitable Donation Request Process

By Jennifer Spencer, Content Marketing Manager
Jan 13, 2016 2:40 PM ET

JetBlue Airways actively engages in corporate philanthropy programs that bring them closer to their customers. Rather than devoting considerable time and resources to tracking the thousands of sponsorship and charitable donation requests they receive, JetBlue chose to integrate Versaic’s online management solution. Within weeks Versaic was able to take the stress out of donation and sponsorship management for JetBlue, providing an innovative and highly configurable solutions to meet all their needs. 

Since implementation, JetBlue has screened more than 39,000 requests for airplane ticket donations and saves 160 hours per month using Versaic. They use the Versaic system to qualify non-profit status, ensure that the supported events are in JetBlue markets, and to streamline the processing and approval process. As they open new markets, JetBlue has used Versaic’s customizable system to go back and approve pending requests that were on hold to help build awareness in new markets. 

A dedicated client service team at no additional cost allows ongoing product improvement based on all clients’ feedback and JetBlue’s workflow analysis by Versaic. As JetBlue’s usage grew, Versaic performed an audit of their work processes and introduced new features to better support JetBlue’s operations. In 2007, Versaic provided JetBlue with customized design and request forms. In 2014, Versaic implemented a scoring system to formalize decision making. All upgrades and analysis were included at no extra charge.

Prior to Versaic, donation and sponsorship management was no easy feat for JetBlue and the volume of requests strained team resources. With the Versaic system in place JetBlue is able to keep costs and headcount down, better manage their budgets, and improve their brand image by providing faster and more organized responses to their customers. 

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