Launch Your Virtual Volunteering Program in Four Weeks

Jun 2, 2020 3:00 PM ET
Realized Worth is responding to the sudden need of our partners to adapt corporate volunteering to a virtual environment due to the COVID-19 crisis. Not only is there a need to take immediate action to aid people, non-profits, and small businesses amid this crisis, but we are also facing the possibility of our hyper-virtual present becoming the new normal. Why should you consider establishing a virtual volunteering program at this crucial time? 
  • We can offer employees a sense of purpose by providing a way to help when help is needed.
  • Adding a virtual element to your corporate volunteering program demonstrates adaptability in the immediate term and builds resilience in the long term. 
  • Your employees can not only provide services, but help non-profits prepare to benefit from a new and unfamiliar format. 
Realized Worth’s Virtual Volunteering Launch Accelerator partners our team with yours to create a holistic approach to virtual volunteering that builds upon and aligns with your existing CSR strategy while bringing your people together in a shared, meaningful experience.  
As a 100% virtual company with deep expertise in employee volunteering management, we understand the complexities around creating meaningful connections online. We provide you the guidance and the tools to establish the critical structures required to launch and maintain a self-sustaining program without sacrificing the Transformative quality of volunteering experiences.