ON Semiconductor Employees Show Commitment to Diversity in AI Education with STEM UP

Aug 29, 2019 8:25 AM ET

At ON Semiconductor, we celebrate differences and promote an inclusive environment by valuing the contributions of all employees and through our many Affinity Network Groups, these committees serve as a resource for the company by raising cultural awareness and inclusion, promoting company values, strengthening member leadership skills, encouraging recruitment, development and retention and increasing collaboration and innovation.

We are particularly proud to highlight one of our groups, STEM UP, who is committed to developing new talent for under-represented populations in the areas of innovation. This employee-led team also focuses on service leadership and this summer, the STEM UP committee in Phoenix was a sponsor of the AI4ALL residential camp held at Arizona State University (ASU) over a three-week period. AI4ALL is a U.S.-based non-profit dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in AI education, research, development and policy. Through this program, ON Semiconductor was able to provide full scholarships to 18 students, based on socio-economic need (there were 39 students who participated in the camp overall this year). During the camp’s kick-off, Dave Priscak, ON Semiconductor’s Vice President of Applications Engineering, delivered a keynote and the students visited ON Semiconductor’s Phoenix office. While on-campus, the students participated in lab tours and a virtual reality demonstration.

ON Semiconductor was excited to partner on this initiative as a corporate sponsor - this was also the first time AI4ALL’s summer programs were offered in Arizona and ASU was one of 10 universities in the U.S./Canada to offer such a camp (other universities included Carnegie Mellon University, Princeton, Stanford, etc.).

Learn more about ON Semiconductor's collaboration with ASU here.