Oct 22, 2018 4:35 PM ET

Environmentally conscientious communities across the country are seeking our help with sustainable solutions for their organics, which includes food and yard waste. The good news is that organics are highly biodegradable and can be recycled at our compost facilities — benefiting our planet and business.

  • Award-Winning Operations: In 2017, Republic’s Pacific Region Compost facility was recognized with SWANA’s Excellence Award in Composting Systems and the Oregon Recycling Association’s Recycler of the Year Award. As a leading provider, the facility processes over 120,000 tons of organics annually, producing a nutrient-rich compost for area agricultural, landscaping and gardening purposes
  • A Billion Ponds: Technologies & Education – Each year, we collect and divert about 1 billion pounds (500,000 tons) of organic waste nationwide. The biggest challenge in processing organic waste is contamination, which happens when items like plastic utensils and glass are mixed with organic waste. Our solution? We are leveraging advanced technologies to remove contaminants during processing, while working to educate the public on ways to prevent contamination at the source.
  • Next Gen:  Smarter Composting – Without question, composting is beneficial for the planet. But, as an organics leader, we are also working to minimize the environmental impacts from processing food and yard waste. This involves using an innovative Covered Aerated Static Pile system where possible. Benefits of this new, smarter system include capturing and reducing air emissions and odors; maintaining optimal pile conditions during composting; ensuring proper moisture and oxygen levels; and minimizing the facility’s operational footprint.

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