Saving the World One Paycheck at a Time

Feb 6, 2019 5:45 PM ET

Workplace giving is a highly valued tradition offering benefits to employers, employees, nonprofits, and the people they help.  

But what would happen if employee giving programs didn’t exist? On the flipside, what would the world be like with MORE employee giving? 

While new fundraising methods have emerged over the past decade, workplace giving still remains one of the most cost-efficient ways to support nonprofits. Employee giving is also a vital mechanism for social impact. If we are to meet the greatest demands before us such as climate change, obesity, homelessness, and myriad other issues, then it is imperative that employee giving programs continue to grow and produce even more resources for the nonprofits that our changing our world.

To address how we can do this and why workplace giving programs play such a critical role, we have launched a campaign – Saving the World One Paycheck at a Time. Through this campaign, America’s Charities will host a sequence of webinars, along with corresponding articles, featuring experts and leaders across all sectors to address the following questions:

  1. What would happen if employee giving programs didn’t exist?
  2. What real-world difference does it make when employees give through workplace giving programs as opposed to other fundraising methods like Facebook, GoFundMe, or Text2Give? 
  3. What makes payroll deduction giving more beneficial to charities, employee donors, and employers as opposed to other donation payment methods like credit card, PayPal, and check?  
  4. Through cross-sector efforts, how can we best showcase workplace giving to the public so it is valued as the vital mechanism for social impact that it is?
  5. Beyond the benefits of workplace giving as a charity fundraising mechanism, how else does workplace giving help nonprofits and employers streamline and accomplish their social impact goals? How does it benefit employee donors?

Click here to learn more about the campaign and to register for our upcoming webinar on February 20th where we'll be discussing the real-world impact of employee giving with Junelle Kroontje, Manager, King County Employee Giving Program (KCEGP), Seattle, Washington.