Supporting our Troops and Veterans: From Facebook to the Front Line

Mar 15, 2013 10:45 AM ET

By Russell Clayton, National Chair of the Veterans Leadership Council and Senior Manager Supplier Governance,  Johnson  & Johnson Supply Chain

A few weeks ago Johnson & Johnson received a Facebook message from Donna McAndrews, a soldier currently serving overseas in Afghanistan. She wrote about the difficulties of women in uniform to feel feminine, explaining that supplies can be scarce. I didn’t hesitate when Donna requested a care package because, as a veteran, I remember how much those donations meant to my unit when we were overseas. It’s something you never forget. Thanks to the help of our Johnson & Johnson Veterans Leadership Council ( VLC) volunteers, we were able to send out five large (and heavy!) boxes full of Johnson & Johnson beauty and health care products to let these ladies know they have friends at Johnson & Johnson who care about them and appreciate their service.

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