Carbon Dioxide

Honda Unveils Smart Home US for Zero Carbon Living and Mobility

Honda's ultra-efficient, carbon neutral smart home is capable of producing more energy on-site from renewable sources than it consumes annually—and it comes with a specially modified Honda Fit electric vehicle

Chinese Solar Company Makes Big Commitments to Fight Climate Change

china-flag-and-beijingYingli Green Energy has become the first Chinese company and the first photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer to join Climate Savers, a program created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to encourage corporations to make major contributions to addressing climate change.

New Jersey and RGGI, Perfect Together: Too Bad Governor Christie Doesn't Think So

Governor Chris Christie at a town hall in Hillsborough, New Jersey, March 2, 2011The New Jersey governor has unilaterally pulled out of the region's cap-and-trade program. Now two environmental groups are suing him

Great Danes: Denmark Makes Huge Leap Toward Fossil Fuel-Free Future

2695352516_7b2c89a0a3_bLast week, Denmark rolled out the world's most ambitious green energy policy. Held og lykke!

Donald Trump to Scotland's Wind Power: You're Fired!

The Apprentice Season 3The seaside view from Trump's golf course in Scotland may soon include an offshore wind farm. The Donald is not pleased

Propping Up the Past: Fossil Fuel Subsidies Should Go the Way of the Dinosaur

3770984576_31535ceb2d_bEnding subsidies for dirty fuel would make gas more expensive. Maybe that's not a bad thing

Following the Sustainable Paper Trail: Private Sector Key to Reducing Deforestation in Indonesia

5702351642_6e2d2f4864_b"A country that has the unique reputation of Indonesia, when it stands up and takes a leadership role for what is right and moral in the world, it elevates itself and distinguishes itself." -- Al Gore, January 9, 2011

Captain Scott's Antarctic Expeditions Used to Predict Climate Change

rrs_discoverySamples of marine life from the 1900’s could prove to be an invaluable resource for scientists in projecting climate change.

Researchers from the British Antarctic Survey are using specimens of marine life collected during Captain Scott’s trips to the Antarctic.

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