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Asia’s Tech Companies Lead in Sustainability

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Asian companies increasingly realize that to compete in the global marketplace, they need to embed sustainability principles into their business models. Some of the top Asian companies, particularly in the information technology sector, are demonstrating a strong commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

GE to Invest $300M in Sustainable Healthcare Solutions

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – A large part of the world lives without adequate healthcare, and many emerging economies are looking for support from experienced partners to help build skills, capacity, and effective healthcare solutions for their people. Innovations in healthcare that can create better patient outcomes in a sustainable way are urgently needed.

More Companies Monitor Emissions with Internal Carbon Pricing

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Internal carbon pricing allows a company to charge its business units on the basis of their energy usage. This provides the units with a real incentive to reduce their energy consumption, and changes behaviors. A growing number of companies and investors are embracing internal carbon pricing as they believe it makes sense ethically and economically.

Mary Kay’s Latest Research Shows America Wants To End Social Malaise

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Some interesting and positive results came out of Mary Kay’s sixth annual Truth About Abuse survey: one in two male millennials believe domestic abuse can be eliminated in America; people believe increased education about healthy relationships can make a difference; and the U.S. can end domestic abuse for the next generation.

Google Supports India’s Digitization Efforts with Free Wi-Fi at Train Stations

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The government of India recently launched a national ‘Digital India’ initiative. The program aims to make government services available to citizens electronically by bolstering Internet connectivity and improving online infrastructure. The initiative plans to connect rural areas with high-speed Internet networks and spread digital literacy.

Global Brands Partner with World Food Program to Support War-Affected Families

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Wars can have a devastating impact on food security of a region. Agriculture gets hampered due to flight from the land by farmers, reduced supply of inputs, and damage to irrigation and storage infrastructure and agricultural equipment. Flour mills, food processing units and bakeries typically operate at a low capacity or become defunct in such conditions.

U.S. Dairy Helps Build a Sustainable Food System

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The U.S. dairy industry is playing a vital role in creating a sustainable food system. Dairy farmers in all 50 states are adopting innovative means to address economic, environmental and social challenges. While milk production in the country has quadrupled since 1944, but the industry uses 90 percent less cropland, consumes 65 percent less water, and emits 63 percent fewer greenhouse gases.

PepsiCo Saves $375M through Environmental Sustainability Programs

(3Bl Media/Justmeans) – Environmental sustainability is not just about saving the planet. For private companies, it is also a viable way to reduce costs, improve productivity and revenues, foster employee and consumer loyalty, and strengthen brand image to build a stronger competitive advantage over time.

Apparel and Footwear Companies Launch Green Initiatives

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Green activists have raised concerns for a long time about the growing apparel and footwear consumption worldwide and its adverse impact on the environment. Some of the leading manufacturers and retailers in the apparel and footwear industry are responding to the challenge by investing in green innovation to reduce their environmental footprint.


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