Causes Of Climate Change

Oregon Looks at Plastic Bags as Agents of Pollution and Climate Change

Manufacturing plastic shopping bags consumes oil and releases unnecessary carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Maldives Hosts Innovative Meeting on Climate Change

While mega-polluters stall, other nations lead the way toward international solutions to climate change.

Concerned about Climate Change and Deforestation, Companies Ditch Sinar Mas

With the conglomerate's practices causing deforestation and climate change, companies are cutting ties with Sinar Mas.

Climategate Scientists Exonerated; Time to Seriously Discuss Climate Change

The Climate Research unit has been exonerated. Let’s move on to a real discussion about climate change.

Climate Change and World Population Day

Population growth may contribute to climate change. But it's not the only factor, or even the most important.

World Leaders Asked to Fight Climate Change with Solar Power

Climate groups are asking leaders to "Put Solar On It," and fight the causes of climate change on their rooftops.

Social Media Used to Challenge Causes of Climate Change in Malaysia

Online social media has become a useful tool for climate activists fighting construction of a coal plant in Malaysia.

In India, a New Carbon Tax Will Fund Renewable Energy

While industrialized countries delay, India is taking steps to reduce climate change. A new tax on coal will help.

Investigation Shows Climate Change Deniers are Wrong (Again)

Once again, deniers' claims that scientists have distorted the data about climate change turn out to be unfounded.

The Science of Climate Change Isn’t So Muddy After All

Two new studies shed some light on the non-debate about the science of climate change.


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