Clean Energy

In the Clean Energy Poker Stakes, Obama Goes All-in

President Obama's "all-in" energy strategy might hasten America's continuing decline in the race to lead the world's clean energy market

Clean Energy Trust Announces Sustainable Energy Finalists

Clean Energy Trust awards sustainable energy startups.

Cleantech vs. Keystone XL: Could a Controversial Pipeline Undermine Obama’s Case for Green Investment?

"If we don't lead in clean energy, we'll follow. I'd hate to see us replace the importing of foreign oil with the importing of foreign technology." -- Vice President Joe Biden

The 20 Greenest Banks in the World?

Bloomberg Markets recently published their inaugural list of the world's 20 Greenest Banks. So who do they pick to be the poster child for eco-conscious banking? Drum roll please.... it's Banco Santander, the Spanish financial services giant.

Global Wind Capacity Grew 38.3 GW in 2010

New estimates of how much wind grew in 2010 revise the figure upward, to nearly equal 2009 levels.

2010 Was Record-Breaking Year for Solar

States across the country installed new solar capacity in 2010, breaking the previous 2009 record.

Pavegen Steps Ahead

We all know that walking is one of the most, if not the most, environmentally friendly means of transportation.  What if you could help power the world around you just by walking?  If you are picturing yourself like a hamster on a wheel you’ve got the wrong idea.

Chicago Mag Awards City’s Green Pioneers

Green Chicagoan leaders get the recognition they deserve.


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