Getting Dressed in the Dark: Understanding The True Cost

(3BL Media and Just Means) - Ten years ago, I had a breakdown in a dressing room at the mall. I needed to buy my first suit for a new job with a leading anti-slavery organization. Oh, the irony. Bangladesh, India, Guatemala, Vietnam.

Women, Progress and the Global Economy: Voices from Bank of America and Vital Voices Global Partnership

GAP London 2016(3BL Media/Justmeans) – ‘37 percent of all businesses worldwide are owned by women’, is just one of the powerful messages that flashed across the screen at this year’s ‘Women, Progress and the Global Economy’ event, organised by

Social Media for Kids: Dangerous or Not?

A recent study from CNN and reveals that social media, texting, and online communities have become an important part of children's lives. Among popular sites that teens visit are Facebook and Twitter-- areas where children can access unlimited information and where trends such as cyberbullying have been on the rise.

Social Media: a Powerful Crisis Management Tool

As the Japan Earthquake reminds us, natural disasters can leave us incapacitated. Cities, states, and countries can come to a halt with complete chaos as we struggle to get back on track. In the middle of a crisis, one of the worst experiences is uncertainty. Where are our loved ones? Are our parents, siblings, and friends alright? When will we regain contact? -- When will we know more?

The Implications of Google's Algorithm Change

Google announced a change to its search results algorithm that will help improve the quality of content delivered in search results. The goal is to filter high-quality and relevant content from low quality content in order to improve search engine efficiency.

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