Corporate Social Responsibility

Japanese Red Cross Mission in Light of the Disasters

More than 300,000 people are living in shelters and a million homes are without water.

Stephen Baldwin Complains of Rapid Misfire in Kevin Costner's BP Oil Spill Solution Deal

A powerful centrifuge capable of separating oil from water to collect in a separate holding tank for waste extraction.

The 10 Most Socially Responsible Companies in the World?

Fortune Magazine selects their Top 10 Most Socially Responsible Companies in the World for 2011.

Is Glencore The Poster Child For Activist Investing?

Activist SRI investors take note: the “Goldman Sachs” of the commodities world is about to go public.

Go into the Light: Succumb to the Power of Cloud Computing

Current projections show worldwide emissions from data centers will quadruple by 2020.

Climate Change Shareholder Resolution Roundup

Earlier this week, Ceres released a report detailing the climate and energy related shareholder resolutions due to be filed by SRI investors during the 2011 proxy season.  The number of resolutions filed against electric power and energy companies is 66, which is a record and a 50 percent increase over the 44 resolutions filed in 2010.

Go-Go Social Business at The Speed of Light: That's the Chatter!

Social networking surpassed email, last year, of the most dominate form of online communication.


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