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CSR and Sustainable Food Policy: What Next?

Hard-won gains for sustainability in food production have been lost argues a new report from the Sustainable Development Commission.

The SDC, expert advisors on sustainability to the UK Governments, claim that the Coalition Government has so far ignored an emerging consensus on the issue between industry, NGOs and the previous Labour Government.

CSR and Sustainable Water Use

World Water Day took place this week, a focal point for a CSR issue which is growing in importance and prominence. Sustainable water use is becoming a major topic for business as it is critical to so many production processes.

An industry for which water is particularly important is brewing. Depending on where you live, and where the hops for your beer are grown, it can take as much as 155 litres of water to produce one litre of beer.

CSR and Religion in the Workplace

Policies dealing with diversity in the workplace are commonplace in UK CSR practice, but those relating to religious beliefs are not. Only one in three large organisations has explicit policies about religious beliefs at work.

CSR: Be Bolder, Businesses Tell UK Governments

Businesses are frustrated by government ‘timidity’ claims a new report. They need clear direction to determine CSR priorities.

Making Sustainable Lives Easier: A Priority for Governments, Business and Society, was published this week by the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC).

CSR: How Loyalty can be Rewarding

Companies whose CSR strategies focus on being environmentally friendly have a new way to target potential customers.

Can CSR and technology solve the issues of population growth?

Technology, and specifically engineering, can solve some of the biggest challenges presented by population growth, claims a report out this week.

Differences between "Shared Value" and CSR – Part II

Michael Porter and Mark Kramer believe that CSR is “stuck in a ‘social responsibility’ mind-set,  such that addressing the needs of the broader society is still not considered as immediately relevant to corporate success.

“Shared Value”as a CSR Framework – Part I

In a 2006 Harvard Business Review article, Michael Porter, Professor at Harvard Business School and Mark Kramer, a senior fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, argued that CSR strategies focus on the business sidelines.

CSR and Recognising Environmental Excellence

Today sees the launch of the Climate Week Awards - a new accolade which aims to showcase the brightest and the best in eco-innovation. The hope is to then inspire others to follow in the footsteps of the winners.

Localism, CSR and the environment

A CSR project which takes the fight against climate change down to a local level is hoping others will follow its example.

LACRe (Local Alliance for Climate Responsibility) believes that public-private partnerships at a local level can impact on emissions reductions.


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