Effects Of Climate Change

Conspicuous consumption hijacks eco-labeling

The new range rover comes with the first 40,000 miles offset.

Great Graphs #1: The GHG Cost Abatement Curve

What are the easiest things we can do to mitigate climate change?

If CSR reports were celebrities...

A somewhat lighter evaluation of recent CSR reports.

Calling out sustainability reports

ARe CSR reports a valid way to communicate social and environmental progress or just another marketing tool?

A Healthy Dose of Global Crisis

Is the global community prepared for a global pandemic, catastrophic climate change, or other improbable events?

Prove Your Impact

Microsoft releases a new Local Impact Map to showcase hundreds of local social responsibility initiatives.

Start your own Green Investment Fund

A six step process for starting your own green investment fund.

Add this to the Budget, for free

UK Labour's Budget lacks analysis on why investing in climate change mitigation is important.

Why do carbon emissions matter?

This is the question addressed in Lord Nicholas Stern’s first book since the highly influential Stern Review. It sounds like a rather simple question but one that is also very important to get right. It is, according to Stern, the requisite for a global deal on climate change. So, after hearing his short speech on the book I’ll try to quickly give a recap.


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