Effects Of Climate Change

The G20 isn’t all bad

For environmentalists, the G8 typically represents all that is bad in the world. A group of elite industrialized countries meet behind closed-doors to plot the path for unfettered economic development and ignore their far-reaching environmental consequences.

Nudge meets Life-Cycle Analysis

Two University of Chicago professors, Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler recently released a wildly-influential book about the power of “Nudge”. The concept of Nudge is that giving people the right information in the right way will encourage people to make better decisions (something they call decision architecture).

Torn over Tata

 I’m grappling with some of my feelings about the recent unveiling of the Tata car. “The People’s Car” is the world’s cheapest and smallest car aimed initially at the Indian market.

Bring on the rage!

A populist uprising has taken hold in the US over AIG’s payout of $218 million in bonuses despite losing more money in the last quarter than any other company in history and being supported by an insane $170 billion in government bailout money.

On Economics and Climate Change

Recently, Dane and I have been having a spirited "argument" about climate change and how to combat it. I put argument in quotes, because I suspect we agree much more than we disagree.

Is it over yet?

Listening to the news lately, it seems that the bulk of questions for federal reserve chairmen, finance directors, economists, and politicians have shifted from questions like "how bad is it?" to "is it over yet?"

Does it matter how we think about Climate Change?

Ruchira and I, along with loads of interested bloggers, have been having a spirited debate lately about the benefits and limitations of economics and ‘econ

Carbon Accounting, the Field with a Very Bright Future.

Thinking about a career in sustainability, look no further than carbon accounting.

Deep green: good news, bad news... and politicians

The good news is that 14% of Scots are 'deep green' according to the Scottish Government's latest research. They believe climate change is an immediate and urgent problem and say they know a great deal or a fair amount about it.

Can the public sector do better?

It seems right and natural to think that if anyone can and should take action on climate change and act sustainably, it is the government. Unlike traditional companies, the government is free from the short-term demands of the market. And more importantly, it’s eventually the government that pays for the damage it causes.


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