Effects Of Climate Change

Climate Change: Keeping It Simple Stupid?

Lord Adair Turner, chair of the UK government's advisory committee on climate change, makes tackling climate change seem (relatively) easy. But is keeping it simple, stupid? Or is it a sensible strategy to avoid frightening the horses?

Making the Smart Grid a Reality

Last month I explained the basics about Smart Grid technology, why it is so important, and why its $11 billion allocation in the US stimulus package makes sense.

Pushing the Limits of Sustainability in Norway

Contradictions are always easy to find in the field of sustainability and they are consistently cited as reason for inaction.

The Epic Search for Renewable Energy at Home

If you can’t generate your own renewable energy, the second best option is to source your energy from renewable suppliers. But I found out recently that but doing this isn’t very straightforward.

The credit crisis is about borrowing from your children. The climate crisis is about stealing from them.

I’ve been trying for a while now to figure out whether the climate and credit crises are two chapters of the same story or ‘different’ in some way. For the most part, they seem one in the same: Financial deregulation facilitates the creation of unlimited lending using irresponsible and greedy lending techniques.

Think Global, Act Local?

As dismal as we may find the impending doom of global climate change, biodiversity loss, protracted economic recession, and ever increasing global inequality, we all generally believe that we can reach some kind of global agreement to ensure that our long-term future remains intact.

Inspiration from Rothbury UK

I was watching BBC this morning and came across a very inspiring story that I really want to share.


Learning from an economic downturn

The net effect of the economic downturn on carbon emissions is debatable. On the one hand, less economic growth means less flying, less driving, less building, less heating, less steak eating, and generally less carbon emitting. But on the other hand, these things mean cheaper oil, less environmentally considerate investments, and more short-term thinking by consumers and politicians.

The Low Down on the Smart Grid

Talk about the Smart Grid has been in the news a lot lately and $11 billion have been dog-eared  for Smart Grid infrastructure in the House version of the US stimulus package. While we often hear that it is ‘necessary’ or ‘revolutionary’ most people, like me, have no idea why or if it is either. I did some research and here is what I found:


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