Effects Of Climate Change

Countries Ranked by Climate Change Vulnerability

Out of 171 countries, Bangladesh and India are ranked most at risk in a warming global climate.

Uh Oh: Climate Change Confuses Most Americans

Americans are still befuddled by climate change. Where will they turn for answers? (Here on the internet of course!)

Why Does the World Bank Keep on Funding Climate Change?

Analyses show World Bank-funded coal and oil projects supposed to help the world's poor actually do anything but.

New Climate Change Clue: Pressed Flowers?

150 year old pressed flowers could hold clues to the future effects of climate change.

Kiribati Challenges World to Curb Effects of Climate Change

A leader in marine conservation asks other countries to make short-term sacrifices for the sake of the planet.

Can Insurers Help Climate Change Adaptation?

Do insurers have the answers to dealing with climate change?

Coal Ash: Why hasn't it Been Strictly Regulated?

“People living near unlined coal ash ponds can have an extremely high 1 in 50 risk of cancer. That is more than 2,000 times higher than what the EPA considers acceptable.”

Is Climate Change Reducing Crop Yields?

A new NASA study shows that climate change is reducing plant productivity. The effects are worst in the global South.

Climate Change Vocabulary: Indicators

Without monitoring indicators, we wouldn't understand any of the effects of climate change. So what do they tell us?


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