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Russia Announced Her First Electric Vehicle Hybrid

The Russian automotive industry is not one that is totally familiar with the green changes towards electric vehicles and other models that have been sweepi

The Green GT is the Latest in Electric Vehicle Racing

Electric vehicles come in many different forms. They range from the microcars that are meant almost exclusively for city driving, to sedans that bear no outward differences to any normal car you would see driving down the road today, all the way to electric powered sports utility vehicles.

Analysts Say Battery Prices Are Key to Lower Electric Vehicle Prices

With all the electric vehicles that are being made available now and in the years to come, many are hailing the changing point towards a greener transportation industry as starting right here and now.

GE Making Investments in Smart Grid

Electric Vehicles and Potential Problems

Toyota Makes a Strong Showing at the LA Auto Show

As news coverage of the 2010 LA Auto Show continues, a lot of companies are using the event as their chance to spread news about their latest green vehicles.

Honda and Mitsubishi Both Make Reveals at the LA Auto Show

The LA Auto Show has been host to a series of green vehicle announcements. With Toyota making their big announcements concerning new electric vehicle models and Buick announcing their first hybrid vehicle, the sports utility and luxury vehicle markets have had a touch of green.

Two New Green Cars From the LA Auto Show

The 2010 LA Auto Show is continuing on schedule with plenty for convention goers to see and enjoy. News continues to flow out from the show and some of it still has the green vehicle slant that shows how the automobile industry is taking more and more steps into a brave new world.

LA Auto Show Crowns 2011 Green Car of the Year

Once again, Los Angeles is playing host to their very own annual LA Auto Show that has been held at the end of every year since 1907 (barring the few years it was canceled due to the outbreak of World War II).

Racing Green Endurance Finishes a 16K Mile Trip With One Electric Vehicle

While there is not usually a shortage of electric vehicle news to go around, it isn’t often that there is a truly remarkable story to share. A story that shows what humanity can do with an electric vehicle and pushes it to the very limit to show us just how far a little hard work and ingenuity can bring us.


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