Energy Policy

Youth Voters Bring Support for Clean Air Act to DC

Today marks the culmination of weeks of campus organizing in support of public health and clean energy.

Electricity Co-Op Chooses “New Power" Over Coal Energy and Emissions

The East Kentucky Power Cooperative has put the brakes on a proposed 278 megawatt coal plant.

Obama Administration and Energy Policy Post-Midterm Elections

A People Power Upsurge Meets a 'Public Agency's' False Front

The GA PSC's 'protection' of Georgians is at best attenuated; this week citizens showed a desire to protect themselves.

A Carbon Capture Filmic Moment for Renewable Energy

The path to h*** is paved with good intentions, or so my momma used to say; "Kilowatt Ours" exemplifies this.

Good News on Climate Change: More Coal Power Leaving the Grid

An Arizona company announces it will retire the dirtiest units at the Four Corners coal-fired power plant.

Bringing TVA Back to Sustainable Business

TVA's recent history shows big business, big money orientation; at the same time, locals want to return to its roots.

PNC Pulls Out of a Dirty Energy and Emissions Practice

Responding to public pressure, PNC Bank says it will no longer finance mountaintop removal coal mining.

Jimmy Carter's Renewable Energy Moment

Jimmy Carter's complex history exemplifies both 'business better' and imperial perquisites that are unsustainable.

'Eternal Vigilance' As a Sine Qua Non of Sustainable Business

This perhaps too personal take on WTO nonetheless orients readers and viewers to this offshoot of the IMF and GATT.


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