Visualize That: The Impact of Source Documentation and Data Visualization on CSR Analysis

When it comes to connecting the environmental and business sides of sustainability, ultimately it's a numbers game

Visualize This: Justmeans Insights Uses Data Visualization to Empower Stakeholders and Inspire Transparency

Contextualization, competitive intelligence and the rise of data visualization are changing the way we understand the environmental, social and governance impact of the private sector

Indian Exceptionalism: Searching for the Big Idea in the World’s Biggest Democracy

"Bold ideas are almost passe'." -- Neal Gabler, senior fellow, Annenberg Norman Lear Center, University of Southern California

Deep Impact: Driving Social Change Through Impact Investing and Impact Assessment

"Individuals...are becoming increasingly aware of how they can connect their 'passions with their portfolios.'" -- Ron Cordes, co-chairman, Genworth Financial Wealth Management

Smart Money: Connecting Sustainable Investments and Entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa

"African entrepreneurs are the key to solving Africa’s development problems." — Iqbal Z. Quadir, founder and executive director, Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship{1}

More Greenbacks from Green Banks: Preparing for the Rio+20 Summit at the First Global Sustainable Finance Conference

"The challenges that we face are interrelated, so, if we are smart about it, if we spot and utilize the inter-connections among these problems, solutions to each problem can be solutions to all." -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

A Daft Half Penny: Sustainable Investment Found Lacking Among UK Pension Funds

"A large number of corporate pension funds are still lagging behind the leading schemes in their approach to responsible ownership and investment." -- UKSIF chief executive Penny Shepherd

The Almighty Peso: Sustainable Investing in Mexico

"Companies are looking for the best place to invest. It's obvious that Mexico has been that place for North America." -- Bruno Ferrari, Mexico Minister of Economy

CRISA and Regulation 28: South Africa Boosts Sustainable Investing

"ESG issues are mainstream investment considerations and not peripheral, especially at a time the world is facing serious sustainability challenges." -- John Oliphant, Chairman, Committee on Responsible Investing by Institutional Investors in South Africa

Welcome to Mongolia: What the S&P Downgrade Means for Emerging Markets

"Nothing may change overnight, but the downgrade may eventually lead to stronger currencies and more fund flows for emerging markets." -- Aarati Krishnan, Business Line Research Bureau Chief, The Hindu


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