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FLO, Fair Trade USA, and Starbucks: A Critique (Part 6)

“When the dragons started coming in, the label changed. The farmers are also frustrated with the different types of standards. When Transfair announced its departure from FLO, farmers denounced this move,” Dean Cycon, Owner of Deans Beans.

FLO, Fair Trade USA, and Starbucks: A Critique (Part 5)

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Question and Answer with Paul Rice, President and CEO of Fair Trade USA: Part I: Cooperatives and Estates

“If fair trade continues to stand on the model of excluding the poorest of poor, excluding the majority of people in product categories in industry- it’s really on moral thin ice.
Fair trade has to be more inclusive.”

The Asian Explosion: Searching for Sustainability on the World’s Most Populous Continent

"Countries that move quickly down a clean energy pathway will be the economic powerhouses of the 21st century." -- United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Concerns for Radioactive Agricultural and Domestic Imports from Japan

FDA's screening of U.S. food supply will be augmented to include radiation screening, in light of the nuclear disaster.

Rare-Earth Metals, China's Global Supply Domination

There are significant environmental concerns over the mining and extractions of these mineral deposits.

Go into the Light: Succumb to the Power of Cloud Computing

Current projections show worldwide emissions from data centers will quadruple by 2020.

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