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Maldives Hosts Innovative Meeting on Climate Change

While mega-polluters stall, other nations lead the way toward international solutions to climate change.

Signs of Climate Change: June of 2010 the Hottest on Record

With more and more evidence of climate change, innovators should be careful where they make their investments.

Climate Change and World Population Day

Population growth may contribute to climate change. But it's not the only factor, or even the most important.

World Leaders Asked to Fight Climate Change with Solar Power

Climate groups are asking leaders to "Put Solar On It," and fight the causes of climate change on their rooftops.

In India, a New Carbon Tax Will Fund Renewable Energy

While industrialized countries delay, India is taking steps to reduce climate change. A new tax on coal will help.

Will Gillard Bring Back Climate Leadership in Australia?

Will Australia's first female prime minister also be the first to take the threat of climate change seriously?

US Refrigerants a Big Contributor to Climate Change

Climate-friendly refrigeration technology has been held up in the US, but a new EPA rule could change that at last.

Hands Across the Sand Builds Momentum for Action on Climate Change

Activists at 700 Hands Across the Sand events rallied Saturday for clean energy solutions and a shift away from oil.

Fighting Climate Change While Creating Jobs

A new initiative reminds senators that passing a climate bill means creating thousands of green jobs.

Help Close a Coal Plant: the Most Effective Way to Prevent Climate Change

There are over 600 coal plants in the US. To avoid catastrophic climate change, most of them must be shut down.


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