Fracking and Finance: The Pros and Cons of New Fossil Fuel Energy

With lawsuits, moratoriums and bans on hydrofracking popping up across the United States, the promise of natural gas for a cleaner and more independent energy future is stuck between a rock and hard place

In the Clean Energy Poker Stakes, Obama Goes All-in

President Obama's "all-in" energy strategy might hasten America's continuing decline in the race to lead the world's clean energy market

Have Fracking Lies Been Told? Elected Officials Seek Answers from Gas Companies and S.E.C.

"Shale gas companies may be engaging in questionable accounting tactics and may be taking advantage of loopholes in S.E.C. regulations to artificially inflate estimates of their gas reserves." -- Rep. Maurice Hinchey in a letter to S.E.C. chairman Mary. L. Schapiro

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