Wind Power: World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm Opens

The UK wind farm has over 100 wind turbines and is capable of supplying electricity for over 200,000 homes per year!

FDA Approves First Ever Oral Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Treatment

The FDA has approved Novartis' revolutionary oral MS treatment drug. Will Gilenya revolutionize the patient experience?

Black As Sin: Vatican Bank Accused Of Money-Laundering

The head of the Vatican bank is under investigation for money laundering. Police have frozen nearly $30 million (USD).

McDonald's: Lovin' It To Death

A graphic anti-McDonald's ad campaign is drawing harsh criticism from McDonald's leadership! Has PCRM gone too far?

Cult Fashion Label Ed Hardy Collapses

Ed Hardy currently owes creditors over $15 million, including $500,000 in unpaid employment wages!

Microsoft's 'Halo: Reach' Racks Up Over $200-million In First Day Sales

The $200-million first day sales have made Halo: Reach the biggest launch of any video game or movie this year!

Intel's 'Sandy Bridge' Is Set To Revolutionize The PC Chipset Industry

Intel's 'Sandy Bridge' will merge a microprocessor and graphics processor onto a single chip!

Has The Global Economic Meltdown Made Teaching A Dying Profession?

Over 135,000 qualified teachers (ready for full time work) will remain unemployed during the 2010-11 school year!

Japan's All Nippon Airways (ANA) Is Set To Launch A New Budget Airline in 2011

Will route saturation, market competition, taxes, and airport fees derail ANA's plans for low budget dominance?

Are Fake Diplomas Destroying Russia's Educational And Economic Credibility?

Fake educational degrees and diplomas continue to destroy Russia's educational and economic credibility.


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