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A Green Energy Valentine’s Day Massacre - Part One

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the search for an eco-conscious gift is on many people’s mind.  Portable electronic devices become more prevalent everyday and the attachment some people have to their devices borders on addiction.  So what better gift for the junkie in your life than a virtually limitless free supply of juice, you know, electricity.

The US Government Decides to Kickstart Offshore Wind Energy Development

The development of wind power in the United States has been steady for the most part over the last several years. With many states boasting fairly significant onshore wind farms, one area of interest that seems to have some trouble is the development of offshore wind power.

Iberdrola Powers 50% of Hungary’s Wind Market

Iberdrola Renovables turns to Eastern Europe for growth

Winds of Good News: Cost of Wind Energy Falls

The price of wind-based energy hits its lowest level since 2005.

The EPA Doesn’t Want to Play with Biomass Emissions Today

Last month, January, 2011, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) postponed deciding how to regulate carbon emissions from the combustion of biomass.  Biomass is viewed as a renewable energy resource but shares several characteristics with fossil fuels.  Unlike solar, wind, hydro, or even geothermal, biomass must be combusted after it is harvested just like oil, gas, and coal.

Putting a Chill on Electricity Transmission and Distribution Losses

High-temperature superconductor (HTS) wire transmits 100 times the electricity of a standard copper wire of equal size and it does so with virtually no loss.  HTS wire costs more than conventional copper wire used today.  Electricity transmission and distribution losses in the United States are approximately

Can Energy Subsidies Be Simplified?

President Obama’s 2011 State of The Union Address included a call for 80% of the United States’ electricity to come from clean energy by 2035.  The President focused on investing in the future and clean energy but found time to single out the oil industry as “doing just fine on their own” and to ask Congress to eliminate the billions of dollars going to them.  Is it too simple to

Vestas Set To Ride the Romanian Winds and Install 450 MW by 2011

Vestas, one of the worldwide leaders in the development of wind based renewable energy technology, have recently been taking a moment to consider where they could expand their already booming business. According to a recent announcement from the company, Vestas has settled on Romania as the place to expand their operation into Eastern Europe.

WWF Presents Its Clean Energy Vision

The international NGO takes a bold, positive outlook on the future of energy


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