Renewable Energy

Solar Energy Job Creation - Is the US Competitive?

The lack of Federal legislation on renewable energy is not stopping US states from creating solar energy jobs.

Greece Seeks a New Partner to Build a Massive Solar Power Park

With ambitious renewable energy goals being set all across Europe, it seems that there are precious few European nations that have not made some effort to stand up and attempt to make a difference.

What Kind of "Clean" Energy Will Repower the US Economy?

In the State of the Union, President Obama called for 80% clean energy by 2035. The question is what counts as "clean"?

France Dives Into Offshore Wind

A 600 turbine project will generate 3,000 megawatts of electricity and help France meet its renewable energy goals.

Australia Brightens Up with New Solar Energy Plants

With as much potential for the development of solar energy that exists all around Australia it is no surprise that the nation has had big plans recently for the renewable energy type.

Algerian City to Slash Carbon Energy and Emissions

South of Algiers, the new city of Boughzoul could serve as a model for city planners throughout the developing world.

India Prepares to Become the King of Tidal Power in Asia

As a country with enormous potential for both wind power and solar energy, India has been steadily working towards building up the respective technologies to establish their renewable energy reputation.

Will the Japanese Wind Tower Be the Future of Wind Power?

The mention of wind power today generally conjures up images of rows upon rows of wind turbines lazily spinning in the wind. A Japanese technology company, however, plans to change the world’s conception of wind power with their own building sized wind turbine invention.

Siemens Aims to Reach the Top of the Wind Power Market

Siemens AG, a Germany based conglomerate with a history spanning over 150 years, has its hands in a wide variety of both renewable energy and green transportation markets.

Mexico Makes Plans to Build A Renewable Energy Storage Facility

While renewable energy is openly embraced by many in the world there are plenty who are willing to heap criticisms upon the many facets of the energy type.


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