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India’s Microfinance Collapse and Educated Second Rising

India, considered the epicenter of the developing world Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), is facing a severe crisis.

Social Enterprise Conference Connects and Inspires

The 12th annual Social Enterprise Conference kicked off earlier this month with a host of new panelists, topics, and a

Free Professional Labor For Social Enterprises?

Match.Com service for nonprofits & social enterprises looking for talented individuals to donate their time, Catchafire

Japanese Red Cross Mission in Light of the Disasters

More than 300,000 people are living in shelters and a million homes are without water.

Concerns for Radioactive Agricultural and Domestic Imports from Japan

FDA's screening of U.S. food supply will be augmented to include radiation screening, in light of the nuclear disaster.

Want To Buy From Social Enterprises? There’s a Map For That

We label organic cotton, fair-trade products, and safety practices, but what about good business?

Stephen Baldwin Complains of Rapid Misfire in Kevin Costner's BP Oil Spill Solution Deal

A powerful centrifuge capable of separating oil from water to collect in a separate holding tank for waste extraction.

The Dangers of Collaboration Duplicity

What are the risks associated with expansive collaboration duplicity in sustainability?

American Social Enterprise May Get Boost From Government

Social Enterprise is alive and well across the pond, but the U.S. government has been slow to acknowledge it…until now. The Obama administration is finally putting faith in a proven avenue for social responsibility.

Social Enterprise Soars In The Cloud

Many businesses and entrepreneurs are still tinkering with the thought of using the cloud to store information, but social enterprise is taking the cloud by storm.


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