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Arlington Scrapes the Sky with Platinum Poise

Soaring at 390 ft., it is the tallest building in Washington DC Metropolitan.

University of Maryland at College Park is Channeling Green Power

The university will be able to use the money saved on utilities cost to repay the 10 year loan.

Israeli Science Benefits From Venture Philanthropy

Money is the lifeblood of science research and the competition for funding is fierce. Scientists are going outside the standard avenues of funding in favor of partnering with venture philanthropists groups.

Social Enterprise Connects People With Charities

One of the most difficult aspects of running a charity is making sure services are getting to the right people. Often times, the people that need the charity may not even know of its existence.

NASA's Green Sustainability Terrestrial Base Station

A 50,000 square feet example of the most sustainable federal building in America.

Rare-Earth Metals, China's Global Supply Domination

There are significant environmental concerns over the mining and extractions of these mineral deposits.

Go into the Light: Succumb to the Power of Cloud Computing

Current projections show worldwide emissions from data centers will quadruple by 2020.

Online Library Teaches 'Social' in Social Enterprise

Almost everyone has a Facebook account and businesses are leveraging large parts of the communications budgets on developing social media, but many non-profits and socially responsible companies have been left behind. One company hopes to level the playing field by providing resources to companies so they can put the social in social enterprise.

Non-Profit Summer Camp Helps Privileged Kids

Hundreds of companies and non-profits have been created to help the underprivileged, but one millionaire is hoping to help a demographic mostly dismissed by charitable society… the privileged.

Detroit Residents Can't Buy Robocop Statue For A Dollar

Communities come together for charities and fundraisers all the time, but when citizens in Detroit raised money for a statue of Detroit hero Robocop, the mayor politely declined. Money raised is being shifted elsewhere, but many want the statue to become a reality.


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