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Go-Go Social Business at The Speed of Light: That's the Chatter!

Social networking surpassed email, last year, of the most dominate form of online communication.

The Wikinomics of Social Enterprises

The mass collaboration of peering and sharing on a global scale is the red carpet of next frontier cloud computing.

Venezuela Making Strides In Social Quality

The Venezuelan government is spending more than 60 percent of its national income on social investment and enterprise in order to improve the quality of life for its residents.

UK Venture Philanthropist Doubles Investments By 2013

Impetus Trust, a company that uses grants and corporate partners to provide pro bono support to social enterprises and charities, plans on doubling its investments by 2013.

Social Enterprise Makes Its Mark in Finland

The Social Enterprise Mark, a British company that helps social enterprises to develop their brand, may be expanding its services to Finland with possible future expansions on the way.

Federal Spending for Green Energy, Roads, and Bridges Among Other Necessary Infrastructures

President Obama’s economic agenda to include White House plans to increase federal spending for green infrastructure.

Millennium Development Goals: Framework for Progress and Change

The world as we know it would falter if it we do not make environmental sustainability a priority mission for all.

Cuban Free-market Exercise Lays Off a Half Million State Workers

As a result of the September announcement by President Raul Castro, a half of million state workers will be laid off.

The USDA Announces Winners of the Apps for Healthy Kids Competition

The USDA announces the winners of the Apps for Healthy Kids challenge.


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