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Ayllu Launches Map That Tracks Social Enterprises Globally

A nonprofit has created a map that tracks social enterprises around the globe. Is your social enterprise on the map?

Changing women’s lives through sanitary pads

How a social enterprise is challenging a taboo and making multiple changes to the lives of women

Sensational Science: HopeLab

HopeLab thrives on innovation, repeatedly demonstrating the true value of continuous learning, risk taking, customer engagement, courageous experimentation, and rigorous research in all they do. Customer engagement will always be a focal point of HopeLab’s innovative social enterprise.

Why Social Enterprise Will Flourish During the Great Recession

While the lagging economy has made fund raising difficult for nonprofits, social enterprise may benefit from recession.

Mobile technology for rural India through social enterprise

The innovative Indian social enterprise that is bringing mobile technology to millions of rural citizens.

On Social Enterprise: An Opening Post by Andrew Wilkes

Social enterprise is an idea whose time has come - but only because we have dragged the future into the present.

Prevailing in the 21st Century and Beyond

Coming from a position as a blogger for a fair trade organization, Harry Stevens is excited to write for Justmeans.

Being part of the solution

An introduction to a new writer for Social Enterprise.

Obama's Business Innovation Hubs: Down, But Not Out

A Q&A with the Commerce Department's Marc Berejka on the agency's promise to seed new business innovation hubs

VCs: Dead or Alive?

Are traditional venture capitalists the latest type of middleman being dis-intermediated by the Web?


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