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The Royal Web 2.0 Wedding Sealed with a Kiss

The royal wedding is now the sixth biggest event in internet history...

Social Media Trends: First British Royal Wedding of the Digital Era

On 29 April 2011 when Prince William marries Kate Middleton the day will be captured, celebrated and observed by a series of social media firsts.

Unique Web 2.0 Competition for a French House

A British couple are using web 2.0 to help them return urgently to the UK to look after their elderly mothers

Web 2.0: My Parents Have Named Me Facebook; It Means Freedom

An Egyptian man has decided to call his newborn daughter Facebook.

SMART_2011 Got UK Businesses to Think About Social Media Trends

Incisive Media’s inaugural SMART_2011 conference in Central London got businesses to think about social media.

Web 2.0 Changing Music giving the big record labels a run for their money in the cut throat world of the music industry!

Top 5 Social Media Events of 2010

A perspective of the biggest social media events of the year

Social Media Content, Part 2: Expand Your Audience

Looking at how businesses exapnd their audience's and incorporate this knowledge into social media strategy.

Technology: TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards

On 6 December I braved the cold to attend the TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards at the House of Lords, London...

How to Plan a Get Together Using Social Media Events Services

Need some creative ways to promote your next event online? Look no further.


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