Socially Responsible Mutual Funds

10 SRI Fund Companies Every Green Investor Should Know

So you want to invest socially responsibly, but aren’t really sure how to do it. Maybe you have a company retirement plan with SRI options or maybe you’ve saved some money and decided you want to put it to work. For those new to investing, mutual funds can be a good place to start.

Is Green Investing a Smart Decision?

In a series on the basics of green investing, we look at some do's and don't's for sustainable investment.

Climate Change Shareholder Resolution Roundup

Earlier this week, Ceres released a report detailing the climate and energy related shareholder resolutions due to be filed by SRI investors during the 2011 proxy season.  The number of resolutions filed against electric power and energy companies is 66, which is a record and a 50 percent increase over the 44 resolutions filed in 2010.

Funding for Socially Responsible Asian Businesses

Generation Investment Mgmt. is looking to start a $500 million fund in Asia geared to socially responsible business.

Can Emerging Markets Be Socially Responsible Investments?

There are several issues SRI investors need to consider before putting money to work in emerging markets.

Sustainable Shareholder Resolutions Gain Record Levels of Support in 2010

2010 has been an extraordinary year for shareholder activism, particularly in the oil, gas, waste & food sectors!

SRI Metamorphosis for 401(k) Performance

There's always room for Kafka, even in SRI

What's Up At IFC

Recent Projects Demonstrate IFC's Range

$2.2 Billion Investment by the US in Green Bonds

The US government will provide monetary assistance for renewable project developers in the form of Clean Renewable Bond

Sustainable Investment Moving Mainstream

Sustainable finance helps investors reap profit and support social and environmental causes.


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