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Honda Plays A Slow Hand When it Comes to Electric Vehicles

In the world of electric vehicle manufacturers, Honda has made promises for some of the most efficient and long lasting designs of all the companies currently reaching for electric vehicle goals. However, despite the promise of an excellent electric vehicle line that is soon to come, Honda is far behind many of the other manufacturers that have seen release either in this year or are planning releases for the new year that is just around the corner.

The Price of Solar Power is Falling Fast

There's potential for a US solar boom, as installation prices have continued to fall over the last several years.

Solar Power Installations Increase

Two More Desert Solar Power Projects Approved in California

The California Energy Commission has now approved ten new solar projects 50 megawatts or more in size.

Japan, Tunisia Forge Sustainable Business Partnership in the Sahara

The two countries will collaborate on a solar plant in Tunisia's desert, on of many solar projects in the Sahara.

The Vatican Goes Green to Set an Example

Yesterday, I wrote a bit about how Ethiopia, a country not necessarily known for their renewable energy plans, made an announcement that their country was home to a potential 60,000 megawatts of renewable energy resources.

Ethipoia Amazes with a 60,000 MW Renewable Energy Potential

Ethiopia is not the first country to pops into minds when it comes to renewable energy. In fact, when thinking about renewable energy in Africa, Ethiopia still isn’t the first country that may come to mind.

Boeing's Spectrolab Releases a New Highly Efficient Solar Energy Cell

A lot of companies have been taking the time to begin investing in solar energy technology as it has become clear that it is necessary to develop the renewable energy industry in order to move forward towards a greener future.

India Looks Offshore to Meet Their Wind Power Needs

It seems like every week that there is news about how India is pushing forward with various aspects of their renewable energy plan. By all accounts, the nation is sparing no expense when they can and have been seriously investing in any form of renewable energy they can manage.


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