Sustainable Agriculture

Organic Food Labeling, a Video Explanation

A topic often covered in Justmeans editorial is that of organic food labeling.

Environmental Sustainability: USDA Seeks Land & Water Conservation Proposals

In the effort to broaden the burgeoning environmental sustainability and sustainable agriculture movement, the USDA has

Officials Comment on Food Safety

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack answered questions delivered via Facebook and the White House website about Food Safety in this almost 20-minute video hosted on YouTube (which is also close-captioned for the deaf and hard of hearing). 

Farmer's Market Database by the USDA

While browsing around the internet, I ran across this great tool to help consumers find Farmer's Markets in their neighborhoods.

Organic Foods: Alternative Pest Control: Bats

Organic food is certainly susceptible to pests as much as "conventional" food; the main difference is that certified organic food cannot use pesticides without possibility of their certification being stripped and not reinstated for up to three years.

Global Commitments and Sustainable Agriculture May Not Mix

A major part of any industry depends on its workforce, the way they are treated, the wages they receive and the fairness in which the business is operated.

Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Workforce

Sustainable agriculture depends on many things, of course, including care for the soil, water, livestock and produce while employing practices of permaculture and preservation. Equally important - and something we don't much talk about - is labor practices in general.

CSA Model Sustainable Agriculture Goes Global

Elizabeth Henderson hopes to help restore sustainable agriculture to Taiwan through Community Supported Agriculture.


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