Sustainable Agriculture

Senate Bill S510: The Tester Amendment

There's so much to talk lately, regarding Senate Bill S510, because food safety within our industrial farming system is desperately in need of

Senate Bill S510: Points & Counterpoints

Senate Bill S510, the Food Safety and Modernization Act is being discussed right now amongst senators, advocates and consumers; there are so many good points being made that some

Healthy Food: Michelle Obama Aims To "Green Up" Public Schools

The discussion about what constitutes "healthy food" in the United States is alway

Food Safety: Senate Bill S510 Update

In our industrial food system, food safety is and should be the priority concern for every person, not just those of us in the United States, but every single person alive. Why? Because food and water are our single most important common denominators. It surpasses all other social issues by a landslide. Everybody has to eat.

When Slow Food Doesn't Really Mean Fair or Sustainable Food

A recent NYT Magazine article reinforces the idea that sustainable food is a luxury.

USDA Strips Promiseland Farm of Organic Label

Organic labeling at Promiseland Farm has been removed with a 5 year "sentence."  The USDA has been cracking down on industrial farms who have potentially misled or misguided their cons

Veterans Dig Into Sustainable Agriculture in the U.S.

Groups work to help returning veterans transition into sustainable agriculture.

DoubleSpeak From The USDA?

Food safety is more than just disease-free food. It also considers food security and sustainability at its core: Where is the food coming from? How is it raised? How is the soil treated?

H.R.3564 - CARE Act of 2009

Sustainable Agriculture includes many, many things: the way the soil is raised; the fertilizing cycle and materials used; the crop runoff into watersheds and the collecting and harvesting of quality, nutrient-dense food to supply a community, to name just a few.


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