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Exclusive Q&A with Talya Bosch, Senior Director of Social Ventures, Western Union

"The question becomes choice. And giving people in every market as much choice as possible is powerful." -- Talya Bosch, Senior Director of Social Ventures, Western Union

The XX Factor: Investing in Women Would Grow the Economy, But It's Still a Genie in Bottle

From the bottom of the pyramid to the top of the corporate ladder, the message is clear: Investing in women is smart economics

Exclusive Q&A with Lauren Bush, Co-Founder, FEED Projects

"True human empathy and connection—and the level of dedication that can follow from that—comes from personal interaction." -- Lauren Bush, co-founder, FEED Projects

Foxes in Charge of the Henhouse: The Influence of Big Agribusiness on Food Policy

Understanding the relationship between money, politics and food can cause a loss of appetite

Propping Up the Past: Fossil Fuel Subsidies Should Go the Way of the Dinosaur

Ending subsidies for dirty fuel would make gas more expensive. Maybe that's not a bad thing

Rio+20 or Bust: Zero Draft of Outcome Document for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development Released

In June, the world's leaders will meet in Rio to set the global sustainability agenda for the next decade. Boa sorte!

The United Nations has released the long-awaited "zero draft" of outcomes for the parties to negotiate at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD).

Earth, Inc.: Will Corporate Monopolies Dominate the Green Economy?

Rio+20 may launch the "biggest Earth grab in 500 years," argues new report

Fiddling While Earth Burns: Hopes for a Climate Deal Dashed in Durban

"Unfortunately what has occurred in Durban is that the major economies have deferred action. The carbon tax modelling collapses as of this moment." -- Greg Hunt, Member of Australian Parliament{1}

The Call of the Gamelan: Sustainable Investing in Indonesia

The world's 18th-largest economy is poised to be a sustainable development model for developing nations


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