“Canadian Content” Advances Green Debate

The oil sands/pipeline debate carries on in Canada at the start of 2014.

New Paper Shows Fracking Drilling Concentrates in Water Pressed Areas

Ceres study reveals fracking operations are mostly located in regions suffering with water scarcity.

Underground River: Collaborating for Canadian Water Futures

Collaboration gets talked about a lot in CSR: companies with NGOs, companies with companies, cross-sectoral innovations. When it comes to managing a resource like water that flows over every human-made boundary, we really need collaboration—a lot. Awareness of water issues is growing in Canada.

Water, Water, Everywhere in Canada

Canada Water Week is inspiring Canadians to declare their love for their favourite body of water, and events are happening across country to make the health of Canada’s water resource top of mind.

Canadian consumption remains high: environmental scorecard

Canada’s environmental performance has received low marks in comparison to 17 developed countries in a recent report.

Fracking and Finance: The Pros and Cons of New Fossil Fuel Energy

With lawsuits, moratoriums and bans on hydrofracking popping up across the United States, the promise of natural gas for a cleaner and more independent energy future is stuck between a rock and hard place

Leaders Meet in Stockholm to Discuss Water Sustainability

Water and sustainability are hot topics this week at the Stockholm for World Water Week.

World Water Day: Raising Awareness on Water Sustainability

Water sustainability is the coolest topic this week as World Water Day takes center stage

IBM Helps California’s Wine Country Use Water More Sustainably

IBM is helping California region to achieve sustainability through water conservation.


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