The Royal Web 2.0 Wedding Sealed with a Kiss

The royal wedding is now the sixth biggest event in internet history...

YouTube's Nonprofit Video Awards: Submission Open

If your nonprofit created a video related to the arts, human rights, health, or another relevant category in the last year, the film may be eligible for entry in YouTube's 5th annual DoGooder awards. Submissions opened two weeks ago on February 5th and will remain open until March 2, 2011.

Egypt: Is Facebook and Technology Becoming a Political Tool?

Facebook boasts 5 million users in Egypt; whether it likes it or not it has been thrust into a political arena...

Hollywood Shares its Power with Web 2.0

Web 2.0 has transformed our relationship with celebrities...

Egypt's Web 2.0 Uprising Today: Let's Play Our Part

Al Jazeera is urging the country's citizens to use blogs, social media, videos to show the world what is happening...

SMART_2011 Got UK Businesses to Think About Social Media Trends

Incisive Media’s inaugural SMART_2011 conference in Central London got businesses to think about social media.

MTV on YouTube: Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You

Isn't this what Christmas should really be about? Love, right? As I write this, I listen to Billy Squier on repeat; and I swing, sway and jump in my revolving chair!

Nativity Story via YouTube: Miracles of Social Media?

The birth of Jesus is to date, one of the most magical and interesting stories we have been brought up with. Being of Muslim faith, we are also taught to believe in the miracle of Christ’s birth and revere him as a prophet. The story of Nativity lives on and a simple YouTube video presents it, not through art or divine text, but through social media.

Why Google Needs Groupon to Assert its Web 2.0 Dominance

Signs are indicating that Google might take ownership of Groupon.

It's Time to Embrace Video Sharing Technology

Video sharing platforms have come a long way. Check out some of the up and coming promotion tools.


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