The Experts from Willis: Using Data Analytics to Improve Employee Healthcare Programs

Aug 21, 2013 2:00 PM ET

Are rising medical costs, persistent health risks and floundering support programs hampering your growth plans? Experts from the renowned consulting firm, Willis, will show employers how to get better results in this one-hour webinar.

On September 4 at 1:00 PM EST, Willis' National Practice Leader Jimmy P. Phillips and Medical Information Manager Carol McMullen will lead you step-by-step through tactics and real-world scenarios that show how data analytics can drive better outcomes in healthcare benefit programs.

Using their decades of experience, Phillips and McMullen will demonstrate how the latest risk-assessment techniques can help employers dive deep into various data sources to better understand cost drivers and allocate resources towards the most actionable opportunities.

You'll learn how to improve results in:

  • Disease Management:
    Find out which risk factors and gaps in care are most likely to drive future costs.
  • Case Management:
    Identify the most expensive conditions impacting your workers and implement programs that drive results.
  • Wellness:
    Optimize long-term health outcomes by analyzing preventive measures and HRA data.
  • Cost Control:
    Pinpoint the most effective ways to improve cost trends by investigating ER visits, hospital admissions and other utilization metrics.

Pair Willis’ guidance with Verisk Health’s Employer Solutions, and you'll have a workable plan to provide the healthcare employees need without crippling business growth. (Note: You must pre-register here to attend this popular webinar.) Learn more about Verisk Health’s Employer Solutions here.