The Future of Water: Strengthening Communities and Creating a More Resilient Economy

Aug 20, 2020 8:15 AM ET

by Mary Beth Postman, Deputy Direcotr of Waterkeeper Alliance 

Water is the lifeblood of our economy and our communities as well as playing a pivotal role in our health and well-being.

This has become more apparent than ever during the public health crisis brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Access to clean and affordable water services is vital to ensuring public health and thriving communities. Modern treatment processes are intended to ensure all viruses, including COVID-19, stay out of the water supply. The challenges facing water systems during a time of crisis will affect communities differently — those already in the midst of ongoing economic, environmental, and public health challenges may be the hardest hit. 

There is responsibility at every level of government—local, state, and federal—to ensure everyone has access to clean water. It is critical that the systems delivering this essential resource are strong enough to endure economic challenges in the short and long term, and meet the needs of all communities along the way. This is a crucial moment for the United States to invest in a future where everyone can count on reliable and safe water service — now and for generations to come. 

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